It has begun…

Abundancers have been busying away across Sheffield this week as the start of the top-fruit season yields plenty of tree-top delights.

We tried out our new telescopic tree pickers, which after some practice and a lot of getting tangled up in branches, managed to haul in lots of tasty specimens, but in order to get the rest of the pears down one abundancer got roped up, scaled the impossible seeming trunk and swung back and forth grabbing delicious pears and dropping them into a picking bag. After that we gave the tree a couple of good shakes (splatting the over-ripe ones onto the tarp) and we were happy we’d got the best of the tree’s worth.

We also took a trip to Norfolk Park where a lovely couple let us into their garden to pick their damson tree, which was absolutely covered in the small tart-but-tasty fruits. The tree was easily harvested by climbing up and shaking the branches: with each movement dozens upon dozens of fruits rained down into a tarp we held out below.

Most of the pears and damsons were distributed out to community centres and projects on bikes and trailers: St Wilfrid’s Centre, Sure Start, Roundabout, Shoreham Street Children’s Centre and the Asylum Seeker Conversation Club. Some of the fruit was used at summer holiday cook-off days held in Sharrow and we have also heard of some scrumptious chutneys being made.


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