Another Sheffield Park

A week or so ago saw the opening of Sheffields latest green space: South Street Park in Parkhill. They’ve basically turned the fairly inaccessible hill behind the train station into a grassy ampitheatre with the view over Sheffield city centre being the main attraction.

It sounded like a great opportunity for Abundance to quench the baying crowd’s thirst so we loaded up crates full of recently harvested apples onto the trike, packed up our magnificent press, rounded up  a bunch of volunteers and headed over to make some juice.

The juicing was such a success that we even managed to turn the juice bright red! Actually, it was because we used a load of apples we picked on the day in South st park, which had red flesh all the way through! They looked and tasted amazing and were a real hit with all the locals, many of whom weren’t satisfied with a free glass of juice and decided to buy a bottle-ful aswell.

Thanks to the organisers, all the volunteers who helped out, the wind and all the cheerleaders.


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