New kids on the block

Last week Abundance teamed up with Porter Croft School to deliver a bit of excitement to the kids of  Sharrow.

On Wednesday afternoon a few Abundance volunteers lead a 15-child strong picking team to harvest mini apples in a massive garden in Nether Edge. Marching in 2 by 2 in high-visibility waistcoats along Psalter Lane the group were quite  a sight. They quickly set about the garden, stripping the first tree of apples like ants collecting fallen grain.

We then split up into 2 groups: one catching falling apples in a hug tarpaulin whilst the other apple trees were being shook and another sat down calmly on the grass drawing what they saw.

After just over an hour we packed them off  with carrier bags full of bounty. On their way back to school for home time – a giant psychedelic caterpillar screaming its way through south Sheffield streets.

The next day we headed over to the school armed with the apple press and a bike-trailer full to the brim with apples. We juiced with 6 different groups ranging from year 2’s to year 6’s and the class who harvested the day before – which was great because the children got to see the whole process of juice-making: from tree to mouth.

Disclaimer: You may be thinking that the combination of numerable over-excited kids, fruit missiles, knives, mashing blades and little fingers may be a recipe for disaster but you’d be wrong – all the kids absolutely loved it and the juice even more so and there wasn’t a single bloodied finger to be seen!

Over the past few months we’ve been holding lots of juicing sessions for community events and school groups etc.  Of massive importance when we attend these kinds of events is making sure that all the processes we use are as safe as we can make them, especially when kids are involved as they usually are. We are conscientiously working towards perfecting our techniques and processes for working with children and other groups. We should be experts in this, at least thats our ambition.


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