Abundance Grafting Workshops

After the success of the last 2 year’s sessions and after selling/giving away most of our baby trees to various individuals/community groups we will once again be practising and passing on the distinctive skills of fruit tree grafting to anyone who’s interested. We have already been beavering away in our little underground grafting club experimenting with Cherry, Mulberry and Plum trees.
We will be running apple and pear grafting workshops on 2 weekends during March:
Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th: HangingWater Allotment Site (weather permitting. map here.). 11am-4pm

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th: St Mary’s Community Centre (map here). 11am-4pm
Please note that the dates and venues are still only provisional.
Grafting is the most common way of propagating fruit trees. We graft in order to be sure of the quality and type of the fruit we get from the trees. In this session you will learn to graft your own apple or pear tree (your choice), and you can then take it home to look after. In the spring when the sap starts rising you will know if you’ve succeeded in grafting it!
Things to consider:
Food – Tea and coffee making facilities will be available. Please bring a packed lunch with you.
Clothing – We may well be outside all day so make sure you’re well wrapped up in case of a cold snap.
Money – The workshops will be free but donations to cover expenses for rootstocks etc are more than welcome.
Tools – We will have all the necessary tools but if you want to bring along your own secateurs/sharp knives they may well be useful.
Booking – If you’d like to come along to learn the art of grafting please get in touch with Daniele on 0114 2580784 or drop us an email at abundance@growsheffield.com.
We hope to see some of you there!

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