Lowe’s Garden Spring Workday


Spring is definitiely in the air!  …and so last Sunday we sprung into action to share some of our abundant love with Lowe’s Community Garden.  This green space off Abbeydale Road was planted with fruit and nut trees in 2009 and was in need of some tlc to keep it happy and productive!  A great team of 12 volunteers rose to the challenge and set about the somewhat ‘sloping’ side of Lowe’s Garden!

Powered by delicious flapjacks and tea, we made short work of clearing the brambles and mulching around the existing trees.  We even found a bonus supply of leaf mulch hidden behind a big metal box on the site which!  After sifting out the litter, this was perfect to add to the woodchips we’d put down.  We pruned the trees to remove any damage, disease or dead wood and ensure they grow up in good shape.  A new row of strawberries was planted along the lower wall and we even had time to relax and admire the beautiful quince blossom before the rains came!

Clear of weeds and brambles, mulched and pruned, this productive garden should have a great chance of growing on strong for another year!

If you’d like to join us for future workdays and see the garden progress please get in touch at abundance@growsheffield.com!


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