Summer Calendar

So its that time of the year again when the sun comes out, the ice cream flows and people are allowed to go a little bit crazy. Its also the time when the city comes alive with community fairs and festivals, and as ever, we at Abundance will be showing our cherry-red cheeks at a selected handful of them dishing out scrumped goodies and enticing new volunteers in pre-pear-ation (sorry) for the new harvest season. You can keep up to date with which events we’ll be attending on the calendar on our events page. But for now here’s a quick idea of what we’ll be up to;

Peace in the Park – 9th June, Ponderosa Park, Upperthorpe – We’ll be giving away peas, in the park.

Doc/Fest – MeetMarket at the HUBS – 14th or 15th June

Greystones School Fayre – 7th July, Greystones School

Sharrow Summer Fete – 15th July, The Old Junior School, Southview rd

Lowedges Festival – 12th August, Greenhill Park, Lowedges


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