Harvest Time!

There are some strange people in Sheffield: people who walk or cycle around in groups, carrying strange blue plastic sheets, plastic crates and long sticks with bags on the end. They stalk gardens, gennels, parks and alleyways, peek over walls and scrabble through the urban undergrowth in search of their elusive ruby red, orange-green, yellowy prisoners. Once they reach their final destination they set about their task, each with their own role; climbing, scouring, catching, picking, arranging. Sometimes they move elegantly and in time with the wind and others with an almighty tremble they swallow up their prey in crinkly blue plastic. However they do it, they always emerge jubilant and sated – until the next time that is.

If you want to join these people, you can now find details of weekly harvests across Sheffield uploaded to our harvests and events schedule page.


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