Fruitful appreciation

Interested to know what we do with fruit donated to Abundance?!? Here are a couple of photographs of fruit being put to good use recently taken by our Millhouses coordinator and style guru Lucy Corkers:

Made by clients of the Canal Street Project
Being enjoyed by volunteers and guests of The Sunday Centre 30/09/12



And here’s a quote from Steve Clark, Chair of the Sunday Centre, where we’ve delivered fruit on harvest sundays for the past 3 years now:

“I just thought that I would contact you to say “thank you” for the fruit that was given to us yesterday – the locally grown grapes. We bagged these up to give to our Guests (our service users) to take away with them after the meal. Some Guests couldn’t wait and were trying them straight away – with very positive feedback.”

And a little bit about what they do:

The Sunday Centre is a voluntary project that works with homeless and other vulnerable people. Our aims are fairly simple:

  • to provide a safe welcoming place for people who may, because of circumstances and lack of money may not be welcomed elsewhere
  • to provide good tasty healthy food including a two course hot meal
We receive no official funding . Almost all the money we get via fund raising and donations is spent on food. We have no paid workers

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