Dec 2017 Events and update!

Hello lovely Abundancers!

I hope this finds you well and full of Autumnal and appley joy!

Thanks very much to all Abundancers, who make our events happen! 9th- Nov to Dec 3rd- 299.5kg fruit rescued, 10 harvests, 2 juicings, 3 chutney sessions,81 jars of chutney made, 97kg shared with 20 places in Sheff!        And thanks muchly to Sue and Eli for rescuing 21.5kg windfalls last Sun 3rd! 🙂

Please text me if you want to be involved/share skills in any way=number at the bottom 😉


@The Vine, St Bart’s Church, Primrose Hill, off Langsett Rd, near Langsett Rd tramstop, Upperthorpe (Entrance to the bottom of the building through the gate on the left as you walk up Primrose Hill )
Map =====

Join us to chatter together and get in the festive feeling as we’re making Christmas chutney!!

Get a free jar and recipe to take home!

Please bring food to share for tea 😉

Meet 10am @ St Mary’s Church, Bramall Lane.

Meet Mick, Daniele and I to join in some apple juicing of some of the lovely apples we’ve picked recently!

Join us for free fruit, juicing and friendliness;-)

With Timebuilders St Mary’s gardening group.
If you are interested in joining Timebuilders please speak to Paul.
Abundancers new to Timebuilders will need to check with Paul re Timecredits

THU 7th DEC-Growing Workshop, with James from Unity Edible Gardening
18-20 Union St Co-working, S12JP (opposite Howden House)
Pay-as-you-feel event (suggestion £5-10 per session)
James says……”In this session ‘ll be learning about growing garlic – as usual you’ll get some to plant and take with you.  We’ll also be looking at planting fruit trees and bushes (again as we didn’t spend much time on this last session) and making super healthy sprouted bean salads!
Please feel free to bring photos/sketches of your growing spaces or plants for tailored tips “

FRI 8TH DEC Abundance Skills Training With Timebuilders 1-3pm@St Mary’s, Bramall Lane
We”ll be discussing what we’ve learned during these Abundance sessions, how to harvest, how to approach tree owners, public trees, safe juicing, how to record what we’ve done etc, a chance to reflect and think of next season 2018!
Open to all Abundancers as well who want to learn more and recap on their experience!
Bring your laptop if have one, a few will be available to share otherwise.

SUN 10th DEC 11am -Harvesting possible- If you would like to join us rescuing some apples then please get in touch! 


WED 13th DEC- Christmas chutney making-last session! leaders places still available! See below!

SAT 16TH DEC-Abundance Christmas/Solstice Social!
7-10pm @ Union St, city centre  -any ideas and assistance welcome!

Magical musical warmth brought to you by 3 Abundancers booked already- get in touch if you would like to get involved!  There’ll be a games or 2 and a chance to catch up with fellow Abundancers!

We will have this a little bit of a fundraiser with a suggested donation of £1-3 but let money be no barrier if you are skint please come anyway and bring your lovely self!

Bring festive nibbles to share and your own drinks! We’ll have chutney on sale as well!


Our delicious chutney is available at £3/jar or 2 jars for £5. Excellent addition to all festive food! Get in touch for details!


Homegrown by Abundancers, these make great presents,  for details see

#Any latecomers,questions text/ring 07527279977 as harvests are usually 1-2 hours

#We can pay 40p a mile for fuel and reimburse bus fares but please tell Lucy in advance so she can bring some money!

#Tree climbers, you are welcome but climb at your own risk
#We have fruit pickers so no pressure to climb peoples

#Supervised children welcome-let us know if you are bringing dogs so can chack with tree owner please!
#Please bring a bag to take fruit home with you
#And a drink and snack as fruit munching will make you hungry!

#Let‘s take care to respect the gardens we are invited into
#Please wear sensible shoes and dress for the changing Autumn weather!

Many Abundancers share fruit to nearby places as convenient to them, if you would like to share fruit near you, just speak to the harvest leader. Also we’d prefer to share with places we haven’t given to yet if possible. New places welcome if they are where lots of people go, e.g. libraries, community centres, churches which hold food banks, community groups,etc) Thank you to all Abundance sharers!


Here is the updated Abundance Sheff Training Manual which covers all aspects of harvesting, sharing,recipes, preserving, juicing.
Includes all Volunteer Roles (Harvest Area Coordinator, Preservation Officer, Community Sharing/ Events Coordinator) to build your cv & life skills!

Thanks very much to those of you who have 
contributed so far and your ongoing support.

#We are now independent from Grow Sheffield, but still receiving some support.
#We have decided to become a constituted group(like a steering group)– do text if you’re interested in joining the group! 
#We are still working as a network of small groups of Harvester Coordinators and Abundancers across Sheffield centrally supported by Lucy as i am able.

#2017- Funding received for 3 community partnerships with St Mary’s Timebuilders,

Parson Cross Initiative and Darnall projects  (Darnall Well Being, Darnall Family Development Project,

Darnall Community Allotment) and for a few coordinatorhours.

#Various training of volunteers has happened and is ongoing, with groups and individuals.

If you would like to receive training in any of the following please get in touch and i will see if it can be facilitated:

Abundance Skills Training(any/all aspects),

WordPress website training,  Abundance Trike Training.

Thanks very much to everyone who has contributed so far. 

Hope to see you abundancing soon, sunshine and appley wishes,

Lucy 🙂

Lucy Corcoran
Part-time city-wide Abundance Coordinator/Trainer

(7-12 hours/week)
( / or text 07527279977)

We are involving experienced Abundance freelancers

Daniele Rinaudo, Diane Cocker, Mikk Murray

in our community partnership work.


Jon Cotton Harvest&Chutney Leader, Jonah, key Abundancer, Lucy, Coordinator and Barbara, tree owner taken by Chris Whitehouse, Greenhill Coordinator at a recent harvest of apples and pears 🙂

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