Sheffield Abundance is a project to harvest and utilise the seasonal glut of local, unpicked and unwanted fruit. It aims to facilitate the harvest of both private and public fruit and redistribute the excess amongst the community on a non-profit basis.


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  1. Exciting stuff! I was brought up appreciating ‘food for free’, and scavenging the hedgerows, and I’ve always done it, even though I’ve lived in towns almost all my life. Here in fairly rural France, where I now live, it’s really part of the culture: everybody carries a spare bag all the time, ‘just in case’ there are mushrooms, walnuts, wild cherries, whatever… to be harvested, enjoyed and made use of. It’s great to see this project which looks lively and fun despite the inevitable hard work. Makes me want to move back to Sheffield, where I lived 25 years ago..

  2. Friends of Burngreave Cemetery are holding their Apple Day on October 14th 11.00am onwards. We’d love Abundance to be there with us.
    Apple juicing,apple pies and preserves, apple bobbing, fair trade games, seed, plant and book swap, guided walk round the cemetery, the last of Patrick Amber’s puppet and lantern making workshops followed by a lantern parade at dusk.

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